The website has summarized the friendly futsal match between the national teams of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The match, played in Taraz on April 9, ended with a victory for the visitors, Uzbekistan, with a score of 6:5.

Jose Venancio Lopez’s team secured a narrow victory over the Kazakhstan national team in the second friendly match in Taraz. Significantly, this victory was achieved on the birthday of their great ancestor, Sahibkiran Amir Temur. The first half ended with the hosts having a slight advantage on the court. Rashit Djahangir opened the scoring, followed by Arnold Knaub. Abror Akhmetzhanov quickly reduced the deficit for Uzbekistan. Samariddin Berkianov restored parity, but Kazakhstan went ahead before the break through a goal from Knaub.

In the second half, Ikhtier Ropiev scored three times for Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan took a two-goal lead, but Kazakhstan’s Brazilian goalkeeper, Igita, scored twice to level the score. Abbas Elmurodov scored the winning goal seconds before the final whistle. After the match, the opponents thanked each other for an intense game.

Kazakhstan 5 – 6 Uzbekistan
Goals: Djahangir 2, Knaub 4, 18, Edson 39, Igita 39 – Akhmetzhanov 4, Berkianov 10, Ropiev 25, 29, 36, Elmurodov 39.

It is worth noting that on April 7, both teams played a draw in Taraz with a score of 2:2, with Kazakhstan avoiding defeat just 40 seconds before the end of the match. Additionally, on April 4, Ricardo Kaka’s team defeated Kyrgyzstan 3:2 in a friendly match in Taraz.

Furthermore, it is mentioned that the Kazakhstan national team will participate in the Futsal World Cup in Uzbekistan in the fall of 2024.

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